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Brand Identity


Upper Crust Bakery

Overview: To create a logo portfolio for a bakery that sells bread, muffins, desserts, etc. that uses local products. They’re home country is France and they’re called the Upper Crust Bakery

Tools: Adobe Illustrator

Concept & Creativity: For this school project, the specifications for this logo design was to create a logo for the Parisian bakery known as the Upper Crust Bakery. After many sketches, I chose the cupcake concept because it is one of their baked goods they sell and the use of the gradient in background captures the essence of France to represent the French flag colors. I didn’t want it to just be a plain cupcake, so I added dots to represent sprinkles. The name of the bakery ties in with the swirl of the icing to add a playful theme to it.




Chrissy Rose Hair

Overview: To create a logo and pricelist for a hairstylist using a theme of roses across all branding items.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator and Canva

Concept & Creativity: This project was for a personal client who wanted me to design a logo and pricelist that matches the style of the logo. She goes by Chrissy Rose, and she wanted to uses roses as a main design element in her brand. I went with a classy elegant look to her brand because roses are such classic, romantic flowers. I chose a decorative font for her name and a sans-serif font for “Hair” so that it can be easily readable to her clients about what she does. Red roses are very popular, so I went with red as the main color for the logo and pricelist to enhance that classy style.


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